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Build Better Banking with Implemify

Simplify your financial systems up to 10 times faster with low-code/no-code (LCNC) solutions that drive sustainable results backed by Implemify and Creatio. 

LCNC Solutions for Banking 

Our solutions empower you to streamline workflows, enhance customer experiences, and ensure compliance with industry standards.


Implemify will set up flexible customer segmentation based on various criteria, allowing you to engage your audience with personalized offers at the right time and through the right channels.
Campaign Management
Our team will design, execute, and optimize omnichannel marketing campaigns on Creatio tailored to different markets and geographies, ensuring robust lead generation and brand awareness.
Loyalty and Reward Programs
We enhance your customer loyalty and reward programs on Creatio to help you build strong, lasting relationships and drive long-term customer engagement.
Event Management
Implemify will streamline organizational processes for corporate and client-focused events, and execute effective marketing campaigns for industry events and trade shows to tap into high-potential lead pools.


Lead Management
Implemify will help track and capture leads from multiple sources into a unified database, ensuring automated data verification and designing unique lead management processes for optimal conversion rates.
Opportunity Management
Our experts manage your opportunities with detailed processes with our LCNC solutions, helping define and implement the best strategy for each potential client.
Cross-/Up Sales
Implemify boosts customer engagement and builds lasting relationships by creating highly personalized value propositions using predictive scoring, AI/ML-powered next-best-offer intelligence, and client history analysis.
Agent Management
We empower your sales reps and front-office agents to manage daily tasks, customer requests, and communications within a unified digital environment, minimizing distractions and maximizing productivity.

Front Office

Customer 360
With backing from Creatio, Implemify provides a comprehensive 360-degree view of your clients, including their history with your bank, current portfolio, loyalty programs, and AI-powered predictions for potential next best offers.
We deliver a personalized onboarding experience for each customer with a thorough needs analysis, streamlined offer management, and an automated product catalog.
Account Opening
Implemify automates the account opening processes, streamlines screening and verification routines, speeds up approvals, and digitizes document management to enhance customer satisfaction.
Card Operations
Our team streamlines service routines for personal debit and credit cards, verifies customer identities, and personalizes services according to specific customer tiers and service plans.


Loan Application Management
Implemify uses customer 360 data and automated loan verification workflows on Creatio to offer personalized loan terms, expedite approvals, and enforce unique loan processing policies.
Loan Origination
We facilitate the creation and entry of lending terms, participant information, and collateral documents to ensure fast loan origination and simplify pipeline monitoring.
Loan Servicing
Our solutions organize the lending process, automate customer reminders, provide loan self-service capabilities, and ensure consistent data updates at every stage.
Debt Collection
Implemify automates debt collection processes, enhancing agent productivity with consolidated communication, analytics, data processing, and reporting tools.

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Underwriting and Verification

Implemify ensures full visibility of loan application data, streamlining underwriting processes and empowering underwriters with detailed analytics for application approvals.
Approval and Verification
We handle in-depth verification of loan application data with flexible checklists and automated workflows, managing verification queues and expediting final approvals.
Product Catalog Management
Our team maintains an up-to-date hierarchy of banking products and services, configures special offers, sets up product bundles and promotions, and notifies relevant teams with our LCNC solutions.

Customer Experience

Contact Center

Implemify maximizes the efficiency of contact center operations, ensuring automated data synchronization across all customer-facing solutions, databases, and interfaces for seamless consultations.

Case Management

We accumulate and classify customer and partner cases, populate SLA data, and assign agents and teams based on automated workflows to ensure effective case management.

Dispute Management

Implemify provides complete visibility into customer-initiated disputes, streamlining team collaboration on single-source data and automating dispute validation processes.

NPS and Customer Feedback

Our solutions collect, analyze, and manage customer feedback using measurable KPIs such as Net Promoter Score, implementing digital workflows that are easy to monitor and enforce.


Anti-Money Laundering
Implemify automates AML workflows, applying AI/ML-powered behavior analytics, setting up transparent compliance reporting, and utilizing intelligent transaction monitoring.
Know Your Customer
We ensure comprehensive and accurate customer profile data with a centralized CRM database, automated data verification and deduplication tools, and AI/ML-powered customer intelligence.
Risk Management
Implemify digitizes your risk catalog, enhancing it with intelligent classification, cross-link, and drill-down capabilities to quickly identify, measure, and mitigate risks.
Internal Audit
Our solutions improve internal audit efficiency and accuracy by streamlining data collection, verification, and anomaly detection with unified workflows, automated reports, and dashboards.

Corporate Services

Employee Lifecycle Management
Implemify implements unified HR workflows on Creatio for efficient employee management, covering hiring, onboarding, development, retention, and exit processes.
Employee Request Management
We enhance the employee experience by providing a user-friendly solution to automate all types of requests, such as vacation, travel, and expenses.
Joint Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing
Implemify centralizes communications, facilitates collaboration, shares knowledge and documents, plans tasks and meetings, and manages reviews and approvals.

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Ongoing Support for Long-Term Success

Implemify has a proven track record of helping businesses optimize operations and drive growth using LCNC solutions beyond the initial implementation. With our team of experts providing ongoing support and guidance, you can be sure your Creatio-backed solutions continue to evolve and meet the changing needs of your financial institution for long-term success.

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